Aim Higher: Exceeding Your Expectations

Consultancy-Based Recruitment

Companies and organisations who enjoy success are likely to employ people who can offer more, not less. That’s why, at Excel Careers and Excel Interim, we believe in finding candidates jobs that fit their personality and ambition, as well as their skills. Through our unique and proven process of “matching dynamics”, the career opportunity and our candidate, we offer the possibility to do more than just fill a vacancy.

If people can develop within an organisation, they’ll stay longer. And their knowledge and experience will stay, too. We therefore focus on long-term collaborations with our candidates and clients and have built many strong and successful relationships over the years, often accompanying our candidates throughout the different stages of their careers.

The success rate for the average recruitment company in filling a position is around 1 in 8. Ours is 1 in 2. The results speak for themselves. Whether you are an organisation looking to hire great people, or a job-seeker looking for a great opportunity, our aim is to exceed your expectations.

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